About Us


About Us

Why Pure Prudential?

Pure prudential was created from the frustrations that exist within the current scope of the home cleaning industry. The hidden fees, confusing websites, confusing pricing, and the complication of a simple home cleaning. We strive to not only fix those issues but to stand above the rest where it counts. Our passion for the home is only exceeded by our commitment to our customers. We care for your home as if it was ours. Together we can ensure that your home looks Pure prudential clean.

Pure prudential Protection

Licensed by State of Nevada

Licensed by City of Las Vegas

Liability insurance policy of $1,000,000

Worker’s Compensation insurance

Bond of $5,000

Employee background check

Rigorous training program

Our Values

The right to a clean home. You as our customer have the right to let us know if something is not to your satisfaction.

The use of natural and organic cleaning supplies. If you’re like us, you know how important it is to ensure our homes are free of any dangerous chemicals. That’s why we do our best to use only organic cleaning supplies. If we may need to use anything more powerful to ensure a clean home, you will be notified.

Giving you the best value for your money. We know how hard you work for your money. That is why our two cleaning options are more loaded than your average cleaning company’s. We researched and found that most cleaning companies are okay with doing a “basic clean.” We’re not one of those companies.

Simplicity. We have three levels of clean. Pure prudential Express is perfect for people who want to have their essentials cleaned. With Pure prudential , your home will shine! If you need that extra sparkle, we offer our Pure prudential Plus.

Our Cant's

As much as we hate saying no. It is not much, but there are some things that are not (yet) possible. Please let us know if anything

further is needed and we will attempt to accommodate to the best of our abilities.

Moving heavy furniture

Clean any bio-hazardous materials

Clean anything higher than our 3 step ladders allows

Pure Prudential Cleaning Services

Email: pureprudential@gmail.com